Hoppen Perfection

Kelly Hoppen, one of our favorite internationally renown interior designers, seen here is her dining room for her obviously many friends. What she does and does well is repetitiveness and dramatic pieces. This dining setting would still look great without the two animal print carvers at each end but with them there it finishes off the room with a difference and sets it aside from your average room.

The zebra on the floor links the print on the chairs and the black and white theme (walls & floors, chairs, prints) in together and acts as a central piece as the room is very symmetrical. I am a big fan of neutral colours accented with one colour, in this case the yellow on the table, making that stand out more than if there was more colour. I'm not 100% sold on the hanging light pendant but its not an eye catching piece, and if it was it would take away from the rest of the room, but the colour softens the harsh black and white along with the carver chairs. Floor mirrors always make a room look bigger and add an extra bit of bling, i like how she's put it long ways rather than the usual upright elongating the length of the dining table and the room. I'd love to have the space to do this sort of setting, and when you break it down there isn't that much in here and not that hard to do.

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