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Contents ID – The Best Custom Made Furniture in Sydney

At Contents ID, we pride ourselves for being the top designer furniture retail store in the region. Our first reason for this confidence is the diverse range of products we have lined up for our clients.

It Includes:

  • Dining Tables
  • Sofas
  • designer furniture
  • bedroom furniture
  • occasional chairs
  • coffee tables
  • dining chairs
  • side tables
  • cabinets
  • console tables
  • rugs
  • lighting
  • artwork
  • clearance products

A few words on our business

We have been in the business of designing, sourcing, and importing custom made furniture for a decade now, and we only plan to get better. Our clients can always trust us to supply the most stylish pieces of furniture with the highest quality. We do this so that our products can offer the best value to our clients and help them fulfil the dreams of a modern home. Take for a look for yourself at our fashionable range and visit our furniture showrooms in Sydney, New South Wales; and discover why we are one of the top furniture stores in the region.

The best-customised dining tables and furniture

Our clients can be sure that when they are looking for custom made furniture in Sydney, it does not get much better than us. We understand that the interiors reflect how our clients are often seen as individuals. First impressions matter after all. Therefore, as a leading sofas store in the region, we always try to do our best so they can make the right statement. We offer the highest professionalism with all our products, with precise attention to detail.

Furniture that would last the test of time

As one of the top furniture stores in the region, we have based our business on being able to offer furniture that would last our clients a lifetime. With timeless style, materials and design. We meticulously curate collections to make sure our clients can find the most value out of our stock. Therefore, we never start work on the customisation until we have a well-formed understanding of what they are after. This makes us the best sofas store in Sydney.

The importance of customised furniture

As one of the top furniture stores in Sydney, we understand the role that customised furniture can play in reflecting the stylistic preferences of our esteemed clients. So, they know when they are looking for customised furniture of the finest materials, such as solid wood, who to come to.

We understand that finding such specific premium furniture can take up a lot of time. And with such a lengthy and bothersome process, you might have already put off the search a number of times. This is where we make things simple. We help our clients find furniture that meets their stylistic and dimensional demands.

Offering unique and customised furniture

We range a collection of unique items to meet everyone’s style and demands. No matter what our clients imagine, they can be certain that we can attain it for them. As a top service provider in this industry, we also offer our clients complete creative independence in what they want their product to look like.

As the best name for custom made furniture in the region, we keep our clients informed and ask for feedback at every stage of the process.

Our sofas

We take immense pride in being the best sofa store in the city. We have an unmatched range of products in this segment. This is because we work with only the finest manufacturers and suppliers. Our lounges and sofas are elegant, trendy, stylish, luxurious, high quality and offer the utmost comfort.

We have close relationships with various manufacturers and wholesalers who work out of Australia. We also collaborate with the top international brands in this industry to get our clients the best.


What is the quality of wood used while making the sofa frame?

If you are buying the product from one of the top sofas store in Sydney, the frame would be made of hardwood that has been dried in a kiln. It would be held together by using the likes of nails and industrial adhesives. It is these materials that make these products as sturdy and durable as they are known to be. This is also the reason they could last for over 15 years. The hardwoods that are used mostly in these cases are birch, ash, maple, teak, and oak, to name a few. Since the wood is kiln-dried, it does not contain any moisture. This also means that it would never suffer damages that are caused by the presence of moisture.

What is the guaranteed life period for the sofa frame?

This normally depends on the sofas store that you are buying the product from. If you are buying from one of the best stores in Sydney that are reputed for the quality, they offer these products you would get a guarantee period of at least a decade. However, make sure you take good care of the sofa. This will make sure that the product lasts as long as it is supposed to. Otherwise, you would have to face some serious issues in this context. The best thing to do is to conduct yearly maintenance work by professionals. That would make sure that the sofa stays in good condition for a long time.

Which quality of wood is used for custom made furniture?

Usually, for making custom made furniture, hardwood is the preferred choice. The better the brand, the better would the wood be, in terms of quality. Now there are several reasons hardwood is used for crafting such furniture. These are expensive woods, but for several reasons. You cannot get the intricate details you want in customized furniture if you use cheaper wood that does not match up to these superior varieties in terms of quality. With these woods, you can easily create any kind of design you want to – traditional and modern. You can also use them to make different furniture such as:
  • - Beds
  • - Tables
  • - Wardrobes
  • - Doors
  • - Cabinets

What is the charge for custom made furniture?

As opposed to standard furniture it is difficult to provide any general information on the prices of custom-made furniture. The major reason for this is the fact that a lot of variables go into deciding the prices of such a product. First is the quality of materials you want to be used for making the furniture. The next important factor in this context is the techniques that are used by the craftspeople. The time is taken for the production process and the amount of labour needed for the same are important factors in this case too. The quality of work that you want also plays a major role in determining the ultimate cost of the project.

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