Choosing Coffee Tables and Where to Find Contemporary, Modern, Designer, and Luxury Furniture in Sydney

When you think of living room furniture, you probably think of sofas first – and coffee tables soon after. Coffee tables are living room staples, providing a place to serve refreshments, display attractive or interesting items such as flowers and books, and add an artistic touch to the room. When you begin shopping for a coffee table, you’ll quickly find there are so many available that the choice can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider to help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Is it for a living room or family room?

Your coffee table will be used differently depending on where you place it. In general, family room coffee tables will be treated a little more roughly than luxury coffee tables in formal living rooms. If you are buying a coffee table for a family room, look for a sturdier model with a surface that can handle spilled drinks, fingerprints, and feet on the table. You may also want one with drawers or other storage options. If the coffee table is for a formal living room, you can choose a more delicate option with features such as a glass top.

Which shape, size, and material to you prefer?

When shopping for designer coffee tables in Sydney, you’ll find a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials to browse. The shape of your living room and the configuration of your other furniture are major factors in selecting which type of coffee table will be best. For smaller rooms, rectangular or oval coffee tables can work well; round and square coffee tables are great for big seating configurations such as large sectional sofas. If you have small children, you may want to go with something round or oval to avoid sharp corners.

When it comes to choosing the right material, consider things such as the style of the room and your other furniture. Wood is a popular choice but there are also plenty of other options such as leather, glass, and metal.

What are your functionality needs?

Modern coffee tables in Sydney often have extra features that add functionality, such as drawers or compartments or the ability to raise and lower the top. Many people choose contemporary coffee tables with storage space for convenience or even features such as casters and wheels for when you need to move the table to a different area.

If you will use the coffee table in a formal living room that gets occasional use, you may prefer a simpler and more elegant option with just a surface and a supporting base that looks attractive with your sofa, end tables, rug, and artwork.

Find luxury coffee tables at Contents International Design

If you’re looking for modern designer coffee tables to add the perfect finishing touch to your living room, Contents International Design can help. We offer a range of contemporary coffee tables along with a variety of other upscale furniture pieces including sofas, dining tables and chairs, cabinets, artwork, and lighting, all designed to be unique and stylish and to suit a range of tastes. Contact Contents ID today to find your next coffee table and enjoy a quality home shopping experience.

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