Modern and Designer Style Floor Lamps in Sydney

A floor lamp is not only a functional light source; if chosen correctly it’s also a décor element that makes a statement by itself and binds design elements together in a room. With items sourced from more than 300 suppliers, Contents ID offers a comprehensive variety of one-one-of-a-kind light fixtures. Because many of our items are Australian-made, they can be customised, offering you the best selection of designer floor lamps in Sydney.

A variety of styles of modern floor lamps in Sydney:

A Club lamp is a traditional floor lamp. The lamp base is a narrow column, and the shade is attached so that light shines downward. Club lamps can be used in any arrangement, but usually look best standing next to a piece of furniture or against a wall.

Tree lamps start with a single column on the floor and branch out into several arms, each with a light at the end. This type of lamp includes candelabra and adjustable multi-way lamps that can be rearranged in various positions to suit the user’s requirements.

A torchiere took its name from French and literally means a torch. This type of lamp spills its light upwards. It’s an excellent choice if you want to use a lamp as a statement piece or if you want to increase the overall brightness of light in a room.

Industrial lamps are the most distinctive new style to be found amongst modern lamps in Sydney. They have a stark design and are made of hard materials such as wood, metal, and stone. No shades are used to cover the light bulbs.

Task lamps have a swing arm or adjustable neck so that light can be directed onto a specific area. They are a favourite of people who like to sit in an armchair to read or work.

Tower lamps consist of a single lighted column. Because of their compact shape, tower lamps are popular to use in small rooms.

Things to Consider Before Buying Designer Lamps in Sydney

Once you’ve decided on the style of floor lamp that suits your needs best, here are a few practical matters to keep in mind.

Some styles of lamps have a much larger footprint than others, and the height of floor lamps can vary considerably. Choose a floor lamp with a base that will fit comfortably in the available space. The best length for a floor lamp is one that matches the height of table lamps in the room.

Keep in mind that the denser the material the lampshade is made of, the less light it will emit. Decide upfront the amount of light that you require from your standing lamp. Softer atmospheric lighting can be achieved with a dimmer switch, or by the type of light bulb.

Various types of light bulb give out a differing strength of light, and some light bulbs are more energy efficient than others. Our decorating consultants can help you find the best floor lamp for your needs. When shopping for modern floor lamps in Sydney, why not contact Content International Design?

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