Contents ID Answers Questions About Designer and Luxury Pendant Lights for Your Modern Home in Sydney

At Contents ID, we understand the importance of achieving the best lighting, while ensuring that every light suits the decorating plan of your rooms. We source many of our pendant lights from Australian artisans. Not only do you have the choice of unique items in our showroom, but we can also order designer pendant lights in Sydney made to your specifications.

Best style of pendant light, room by room

The Kitchen is the heart of every home and deserves the most attractive modern pendant lights Sydney can offer. We recommend recessed lights over work areas such as countertops, sink and stove, and pendant lights over islands and tables. When pendant lights are not the only light source in the kitchen, they can be chosen for beauty rather than functionality and can be put on a dimmer switch to create soft light at times when friends and family are gathered around the table.

Bathroom pendant lights must be functional but don’t need to have a utilitarian look. Why not choose small chandeliers or hand-made glass shades for a luxury mood? To make sure that there is even lighting, hang a pendant light on both sides of a mirror. It is best not to hang pendant lights directly over a shower or bathtub.

Living rooms and other open spaces lend themselves to luxury pendant lights hung in groupings and lampshades that are covered in textures to match soft furnishings and the room’s colour scheme. In rooms where people spend a lot of time watching TV, consider using shades that cast light up to the ceiling rather than downward. Bouncing light off the ceiling will create ambient light without causing glare on screens.

Bedrooms are private spaces and the ideal place to use designer pendant lights that reflect your personal style. While lamps must be bright enough to provide sufficient ambient light, they should be dimmable to create a restful atmosphere.

Practical considerations when installing luxury pendant lights in Sydney

The size of the room should determine the size of pendant lights. Be sure to select lamps that are substantial and bold enough to make a statement or consider hanging several smaller lights.

The number of lights to hang, and the distance apart is determined by the amount of light required. In work areas where strong light is needed, pendant lights can be put as close as 50cm from centre to centre. Where only ambient light is required, space the lights further apart or hang in groupings.

For a standard 240cm ceiling, pendant lights should hang down approximately 30cm. For each additional 25cm of ceiling height, add 5cm to the length of the pendant light.

In bathrooms and kitchens, be sure to select a pendant light that can withstand humidity and avoid lamp shades of materials such as fabric and rattan that are susceptible to mould. When installing lights, be sure that electrical connections are well insulated and that the weight of the fixture is supported.

Visit Contents International Design to view our bespoke and one-of-a-kind modern pendant lights. Our professional staff will help you to choose the optimal light for every room, whether you are building a new house or redecorating your current home in Sydney.

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