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Dining Room Tables

Contemporary & Luxury Dining Room Table and Chairs

The best dining table for your home is one that is sturdily made, suits your home’s style, and fits your budget. Be wary of jumping on the latest trend; your dining table will most likely be in your home for years, and you don’t want to wake up one morning wondering what you were thinking when you picked yours out. It’s best to choose a style that will stand the test of time. Modern dining tables in Sydney are often designed with clean lines, durability, and low maintenance needs. There are a few other things to consider when choosing a luxury dining table.
The size of your dining room
The number-one requirement is that your dining table must fit into your dining area. Dining tables can be deceptively large, so use your measuring tape and be sure about the size before purchasing. Besides the dimensions of the table itself, you’ll also need to leave plenty of space around it so people can easily move their chairs and walk around the table. Ideally, you should look for a table that’s large enough to accommodate all the people who will need to use it but not so large that it overwhelms the space (physically or visually).
On the basis of the large and small size of your dining room, you can choose from:
The shape of the table
Rectangular and square dining tables are common shapes, but there are also other options, such as round and oval tables. For smaller spaces, round tables tend to leave more space in the room because the corners are eliminated. Round and oval tables are great for parties and frequent entertaining since there’s no established head of the table. However, for a dining room with plenty of space or a more formal setting, a stately rectangular table may be more suitable.
You can choose from these different shapes of dining tables as per your taste:
The type of supports
Designer dining tables and dining chairs in Sydney come with a variety of supports from legs to trestles to pedestals. The base of the table matters because it may impact how many people can sit together comfortably. The most important thing is to make sure the supports do not encroach on leg space. Typically, slimmer legs or a pedestal-type base will allow more people to use the table at once. If you have small children, you may want to stick to traditional legs since these tables are the sturdiest option.
If you’re looking for luxury dining tables, Contents International Design can help. We offer a wide range of modern designer dining tables as well as chairs, sofas, coffee tables, artwork, and more for the contemporary home. We offer beautiful one-off pieces to provide our customers with unique style and lasting quality. Contact Contents ID today with any questions.
What is cheaper? Buying a dining room set or separate chairs?
Being the professional, we would say that both items have a different purpose and flavour. If you are willing to purchase chairs for your living room, then buying them separately would work. However, when it comes to the dining set, each of the dealers would provide a combination of tables and chairs. Therefore, if you are looking for something that would be within your budget and will not compromise with the aesthetic beauty, then dining room table and chairs set would be the perfect investment.

Our recommendation is to look out for the items at a reputed and reliable place. This will help you get the right item at the right price.

Which dining table to prefer, round or a rectangular one?
There are different kinds of dining tables present in the market or with the dealers. The manufacturers make sure that the requirement of every individual is met. Now when it comes to whether to invest in a round or rectangular dining table and chairs, we, at Contents ID, recommend going for the one as per your space and taste. If your dining area is not so large, then around, stylish, modern dining table set is going to be the perfect fit. Also, if you have a small family, then round tables are preferred.

On the other hand, rectangular sized tables are perfect for the ones with a larger number of members, and if they have a sufficient dining area.

How do you match the dining table and chair?
It is crucial to have the right combination of chairs and tables. Matching dining room tables and chairs provide an irreplaceable essence to space. However, correlating it with everything around is a tough task. As a buyer, you need to keep in mind several aspects. One of the most prominent being the design. No matter how beautiful the table and the chairs look beautiful as separate entities, they both must complement each other. Apart from this, it is equally important to ensure that the set matches with space where it is to be placed because a designer table-chair set is never going to be the best pick for a small, spaced house. Therefore, we recommend you compare various parameters before choosing.
Is a glass dining table a good idea?
Undoubtedly, a glass dining table is always a good idea because the entire set comes with the merits of the glass. Placing a glass dining table and chairs in the dining room not only means that you are going to have a feel of a large space but also enough light.

In addition to this, as compared to the complete wood table, the glass one looks sophisticated. The design on the legs of the table can also be clearly visible through the glass, no matter whether you sit or stand by the side of the table.

We have also seen people preferring glass table chairs set as dining furniture because these come at a lower price as compared to the complete wooden ones. When it comes to durability, these are equally durable as well.

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