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Lyla Dining Table

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2000 x 950 x 730mmh
Custom Sizes


Modish Rectangular Glass Dining Tables 

Glass dining tables are highly popular among people who are looking for contemporary tables that are in line with the way they have designed their kitchen. We at Content ID offer the most elegant glass dining tables in town. They are the ideal products for people who entertain guests regularly as they are stylish and classy. 

We present our clients with only the finest products that would incorporate their sense of style and accommodate their needs. We know how important these factors are, and so we focus on them while choosing them for our clients. 

The bases of the glass dining tables make a stylistic element in each table that differentiates them from all others. 

What does the base do for a rectangular glass dining table?

The base acts as the foundation of a rectangular glass dining table. It is also this feature that helps people change the way they use the furniture. It also greatly influences how such furniture looks. It is often the feature that ‘pops’ in the design, either through or around the see-through glass. Therefore, the base of such a table can greatly influence how the rest of the dining room or eat in kitchen feels. 

The importance of a proper base

We always advise our clients to go for a strong and proper base when they are buying glass dining tables that are on the bigger side. 

In a bigger rectangular glass dining table, it is always better to have four legs as that provides a better base. This support the glass as well as the weight placed upon it and gives the table an excellent sense of stability. 

The materials used for rectangular glass dining tables

Companies may combine materials such as metal and wood with glass to make the legs of these tables. Therefore, it is possible to get a lot of looks and finishes out of these tables with a base. In the case of our rectangle glass tables, the base can be made with either a polished or brushed stainless steel for a stylish sleek and modern aesthetic. The glass itself can either be the traditional clear or we can provide you a table with coloured glass for a statedly unique style. Black or a neutral also does remarkably well here. 

Some popular base options for rectangle glass dining tables, on top of the four legs, are pedestal glass tables and double pedestal glass tables. This features one strong post or two respectively.

The Lyla Dining Table available with either polished stainless steel or 304 brushed stainless steel (able to go outdoors) with the option of clear glass, coloured glass, Athenian white marble, or timber top. Custom sizes available.

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Black Powdercoat, Brushed Gold, Clear Glass, Polished Gold, Stainless Steel, White Marble

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