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Living Room

Modern Style Living Room Interior Design

If you’re dreaming of having the kind of living room you see in magazines, visit Contents International Design for all your homeware needs. A mid- to high-end furniture and retail design store located right in the heart of Sydney, we’ve been serving design-conscious clients for 10 years, so we know what it means to adore high-quality and luxury designer furniture. We love unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. If that thought puts a glint in your eye, we’ll be a perfect match. With over 300 suppliers, and many pieces that are proudly Australian-made, we can customise virtually anything. Don’t be afraid to get specific with us. If you’re looking for a modular in a rich navy to pair with your other living room furniture, for instance, we are your go-to resource.
Designer Living Room Furniture That’s All Your Own
The living room is one space that everyone notices because it’s where so much of our lives happen. With this in mind, you want your living room to represent you and your tastes, interests, and style—not to mention the mood you’re trying to evoke for family members and visitors. Book an in-home visit with us through our interior design service. Whether you’re looking for luxury, contemporary, or modern living room furniture, we’ll be able to play with different schemes until we find one that works for you. We’ll go as far as drafting custom designs that can’t be found anywhere else—we’re all about customising!
Living Room Furniture You’re Proud to Own and Show Off
Take one look at our customisable selection of designer living room furniture ,artwork,lightning and rugs with distinct looks and you’ll see why we have a decade of satisfied clients behind us. Looking for something modern yet simple? Our Olivia sofa, which is 100% Australian-made, could be just what you need. Perhaps you want something even more contemporary? Our Todd sofa, with its flat board base, could be the one. Want to go all-out with a luxury modular? Our Mia Modular could be your perfect choice. Since we offer customisable living room furniture pieces in a vast range of fabrics and colours, you can make sure your new piece will be the only one you like. From the contemporary and modern to the luxurious, our quality designer living room furniture doesn’t begin and end with sofas and chairs. Our coffee table and occasional chairs selection are just as impressive—and just as customisable. From the Vionnet carved coffee table to the Clermont, there’s something that will complement the style of your favourite spaces. We’re dedicated to providing high-level service and pieces. That’s why we aim to have the latest colours and designs in store, and to back up our selection with an exceptional home shopping experience. We’re just as passionate about transforming your living room space as we are designing our own. We’re open seven days a week, ready to provide you with high-end design inspiration at an attainable price point. Whether you have ideas for your next living room makeover already brewing, or just see a blank slate and need a lot of help, Contents ID is eager to assist. Contact us today to see how we can surprise you.
How do you style a lounge room?
There are a few things to consider when you look forward to styling your lounge room. You must consider the living room interior design when you plan to style the room. You may place potted plants in the lonely corners of the room. A room looks empty when there is a lot of space between the couches. Choose a coffee table that fills the space between the couches. Also, arrange a side table at the right place after looking at the arrangements of the room. You may place an armchair or two in an empty spot of the room or near the fireplace.
How do I interior design my living room?
You first need to plan everything well before you start with the living room interior design. Invest in a quality couch that will last long. Consider your budget before you finalize this piece of furniture. Purchase a rug that is larger than the area meant for seating. This will create an illusion of a bigger room. Also, place pillows of different colours, textures, and patterns that complement the look of the room. Investing in overhead lights and lamps is a great idea to support the aesthetics of the space. Finally, select the items that serve a purpose in the room and are not merely a waste of money.
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