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Cypress Sofa



Modular or Sofa with its low profile, generous depth, high resilient core and thick feather top invites you to sit back and relax.

100% Australian made, can be upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather supported a manufacturers 10 year warranty



3 SEATER - $40 p/m fabric


3.5 SEATER - $40p/m fabric


4 SEATER - $40 p/m fabric



  ** Pricing just an example - we have fabric ranging from $40p/m to around $280p/m

Contents ID – The Best Designed And Custom Made Sofas In Sydney 

At Contents ID we design our sofas for the living rooms and not for the showrooms. Often buying a sofa turns out to be a painful experience. This is because in most cases people purchase low-quality products to save money. These cheap products never provide them the comfort they can get from our custom made sofas in Sydney. People also often go to the other extreme. They buy expensive products that offer them all the comfort in the world. However, delivery is an issue with such products. Such custom sofas in Sydney can take months to arrive!

Customised sofas and lounges

We are the specialists in Australian made products. We also get them, just as our clients would want them to. We offer our products at great rates, but that does not mean that we compromise on quality. We have years of knowledge in the industry. Therefore, we can help our clients get the best fabric sofas in Sydney. We help them get products that reflect their sense of style and individuality. Therefore, we focus on getting key areas such as size, colour, style, and comfort right for our products. We invite all our prospective clients to visit our online store for the latest and best custom made sofas in the region.

Always focusing on quality

We understand that furniture such as lounges and sofas play an important part in our clients’ homes and add to the comfort factor. Therefore, it does not matter what our clients want. We are ready to give them exactly that. If they want the large pieces to give their living rooms a unique look and feel we are happy to help. If they want small and intimate furniture for their bedroom, they can be sure we would help them in that too. Therefore, we are the leading names for custom sofas in the region.

The biggest range of quality products

We have the largest range of sofas and lounges of the highest quality. This is something that the people know us for too. As we have stated already, we offer all that our clients want from such products. This includes unique designs such as retro classics and contemporary modern ones. It also helps that our products are available in various sizes, colours and shapes. We make sure that we source products that experienced and skilled craftspeople make here in Australia. Therefore, we are the number one choice for fabric sofas in the region. 


What should I prefer buying - a factory or a custom-made sofa?

Although it entirely depends on the needs and preferences of the buyers, still custom-made sofas items have some additional benefits that make people choose these over the readymade ones. While readymade sofas allow various options in terms of styles, colours, and fabrics, the custom-made ones in Sydney are one of a kind. So, by considering a custom-made sofa, you can get something that is the perfect reflection of your personal style. Another benefit of choosing customized sofas is that here you would have the flexibility to construct it according to the required size and shape to maximize the use of space.

What is the best type of fabric for a sofa?

If you are planning to get a fabric sofa for your daily use, then the most important thing is to choose a durable fabric for the same. Even though linen and cotton are two clear winners in fabric sofas in terms of strength to deal with the daily wear and tear, these can often snag because of the loose weaves. You can also opt for synthetic microfibre if you want a fabric in Sydney that is stain resistant. Both canvas and microfiber are popular for durability. Apart from that, you can also opt for cotton and polyester blends to get the comfort of cotton along with higher durability and wrinkle resistance.

How long should a fabric sofa last?

Although it is said that leather sofas are more durable than fabric sofa, the latter in Sydney last for 7-15 years on average. But you must consider replacing the sofa before the seats sag to that point where it cannot give you proper support, or the fabric becomes worn and stained, or the frame breaks down or squeaks. Other signs of understanding that you need to change the fabric sofas are if you notice fraying if you get an uncomfortable feeling of “sinking in” whenever you sit on the couch, if the cushions become flat and the sofa can’t offer proper lumbar support, or if you hear cracking noise.

How do you maintain a fabric sofa?

Fabric sofa looks nice, but the stains and messy spills can often cramp the style. So, it is important to maintain fabric sofas properly. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Clean the fabric immediately once it gets a stain.

2. Check the recommendation of the manufacturer in Sydney.

3. Remove all the loose particles of the stains using a dry brush.

4. Vacuum-clean the area properly.

5. Follow the cleaning codes for the fabric sofa. There are different codes for different fabrics. 6. Spot-treat the area with the agent recommended.

7. Air-dry the sofa upholstery after cleaning.


2650 x 1080 x 770
2450 x 108 x 770
2250 x 1080 x 770
3str (pictured)
1220 x 1580 x 770
2440 x 1080 x 770
4str 1 arm
2240 x 1080 x 770
3.5str 1 arm
2040 x 1080 x 770
3str 1 arm


  • Fabric or Leather of your choice

  • 7 Timber stains

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