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The Mia modular sofa is a modern classic design with its seat stitching and button details, bolster cushions, piping, timber legs and base will compliment your living space.

100% Australian made, can be upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather and be customized in dimension and design supported a manufacturers 10 year warranty.


ETA 6 to 8 weeks - pending fabric availability



MODULAR - $62 p/m fabric


2 SEATER - $62 p/m fabric


3 SEATER - $62 p/m fabric



 ** Pricing just an example - we have fabric ranging from $40p/m upwards.

Compact Yet Voguish Two Seater Couches 

We at Contents ID understand the basic fact that a house can never be a home, if it is missing a sofa. We understand how important such furniture is to the home. We know that our clients want products that provide them supreme comfort for years to come, and this is exactly what we offer to them. After all, this is where they come at the end of a taxing and tiring day at work, in search of comfort and respite from the travails of their unforgiving routine. It is the ultimate destination for comfort.

Stylish and space saving products

Our products are compact and stylish. Therefore, our clients really love them. We are confident that our designer collection would be suitable for all homes. This is especially true for homes where the living rooms are on the smaller side. Through our products we empower our clients to get the desired level of comfort and style in their living rooms, without having to sacrifice any of the key elements that comprise it. This is the reason there is such a demand for our two-seater couch. They also have the soft fabrics that lets our clients enjoy them even more.

Affordable luxury products

We know that our products are immensely luxurious. However, that does not imply that our clients would have to break the bank to buy them. We also focus on keeping the prices of these products within the reach of our clients, despite the quality that they offer. We are fully sure that our products would be the central attraction of our clients’ living rooms. We know what they want, and we give them that. Therefore, we are the unparalleled choice for furniture, providing the likes of our stylish two-seater couch. We make sure that we offer our clients plenty of choices in fabrics so that they can maximise their investment with the colour, texture and feel that they want.

The centre stage of living rooms

We offer our clients a two-seater couch that can justifiably become the very focal point of attraction in their living rooms. They can become the beating heart of our clients’ leisure at home. We realise that our clients enjoy spending a lot of their free time on these sofas and couches. It is here that they watch television and relax after a day that they would rather forget. As well as socialise with their loved ones. It is on these sofas that they make valuable memories with their partners and kids. Playing a major role in the health and happiness of the family.  



What size is a two-seater sofa?

Two-seater sofas, also known as loveseats, are available in different lengths. Factors like the style and the shape of the sofa and the cushions impact the size of the two-seater couch. So, it is important to choose a loveseat that does not only fit your space but also offer enough seating space for the guests. The average sizes of the two-seater sofa are 1440 x 920 x 830mmh.

What is a 2-seater couch called?

The 2-seater couch is often called the loveseats. The two-seater couch usually comes with two upholstered seats, where two people can converse while being within arm’s reach and looking at each other passionately. So, the modern designs of these couches offer a sense of comfortable personal acquaintance. As a result, these couches become the most preferred options in the cosy living rooms of both commercial and residential properties where people can spend intimate moments with their loved ones. The urge of creating something so intimate and so special has made these couches a popular concept of the present time.


2500 x 920 / c1520 x 830mmh
2 seater
1440 x 920 x 830mmh
3 seater
2000 x 920 x 830mmh
820 x 920 x 830mmh
900 x 900 x 430mmh


  • Fabric or Leather of your choice

  • 5 Leg stains

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