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Olivia Sofa

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The Olivia Sofa is a streamlined platform sofa with great proportions being off the ground and generous depth, set back arms adding to its visual lightness.

100% Australian made, can be upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather supported a manufacturers 10 year warranty.

ETA: APPROX. 6-8 weeks if fabric is in stock.

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4 str (pictured) 2400 x 1000 x 860mmh
3 str 2220 x 1000 x 860mmh
2.5 str 2000 x 1000 x 860mmh
2 str 1700 x 1000 x 860mmh
Arm chair 820 x 1000 x 860mmh
Ottoman 830 x 830 x 400mmh

100% Australian made, can be upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather supported a manufacturers 10 year warranty.
ETA app. 8 weeks – pending fabric availability
** Pricing just an example – we have fabric ranging from $40p/m to around $280p/m

Large and comfortable sofas 

At Contents ID we offer our clients sofas that offer them the best in comfort and style. We are sure that our products would bring a relaxing and cool vibe that they all want in their homes. They would enliven their living rooms. These sofas come with deep seating facilities that let them curl up and lose themselves in unimaginable comfort that’s truly invaluable and priceless. With the right cushions, sourced from manufacturers with top-quality materials such as fibre and feather, the experience would be even more heavenly. We offer these sofas in various shades so they can create the ideal style and feeling in their homes.

Great construction

There is a good reason why our sofas offer the comfort and panache that people know them for. One can give much of the credit in this case to the superb construction that goes into creating these products. Therefore, if our clients want to create a modern home, they need to come to us and attain our large comfortable sofa. It would be an impressive addition that makes a statement in their homes for sure. It also helps that we make sure we use exceptionally durable products, with gorgeous design and expert craftmanship. 

Stylish but affordable products

Despite being as stylish as they are, our large sofas are not out of the price range. We take great care in making sure that they are affordable for Sydneysiders. At the same time, we ensure that they easily fit into their homes. The seating facilities in our sofas are next to none. We use the best materials such as foam to make them, for extreme comfort. We make sure that our clients always feel comfortable and lovely when they use our large comfortable sofa. We also use the best materials to make the frames of these sofas to make them sturdy and long lasting.

Offering the best value on investment 

This makes sure that we never compromise with the structural integrity of these products. We also take great care in devising the other areas of constructing such sofas like webbing and support. Such a minute and precise attention to detail means that our clients always get the best from us. It is for reasons such as these that our large comfortable sofa lasts as long as it does. We also deliver these products quickly to our clients homes as soon as possible, so they have the complete peace of mind. Additionally, so that they can enjoy their product sooner.

The Olivia Sofa is a streamlined platform sofa with great proportions being high off the ground and deep adding to its visual lightness, as well as being incredibly comfortable. 100% Australian made, therefore can be upholstered in a large range of fabrics or leather of your choice. Supported by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.


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2 SEATER – $40 p/m fabric, 3 SEATER – $40 p/m fabric, 4 SEATER – $40 p/m fabric


Fabric or Leather of your choice

What is the most comfortable sofa?
The answer to this question depends on the preference of the buyers. But there are several factors that make a sofa the most comfortable one. These include: 1. The seat depth of the sofa should be right for you. 2. Check the height of the sit versus the sitting needs you have. Depending on your needs, a large comfortable sofa or a medium depth sofa can be great for you. 3. Purchase the best cushion filling, as per your needs. 4. Consider the back height of the sofa. Depending on your needs, you can choose high back or low back sofas. 5. Check the back-pitch angle for getting proper support.
What is the most comfortable seat depth for a sofa?
The seat depth is one of the most common factors to check when buying sofas. If you prefer sitting upright on the sofa, then a shorter seat depth of 20-22 inches will be okay. But in case you prefer to sit on the sofa with feet tucked up or want to lounge back in your large comfortable sofa, then go for a deeper seat depth, which is a minimum of 23 inches or deeper than that. But seat depth does not matter that much if you use the sofa to lie down. Here, the seat depth of 24 inches will do.
What makes a comfortable sofa?
The technical details like the seat height and seat depth, the sofa (sectional, loveseat, reclining), and the dimensions of the sofa sets are the most important factors that make these comfortable. Besides, the filling used on the upholstery of the back and bottom cushions can make a sofa extremely comfortable. But if you are one of those who prefer choosing sofas that are equally comfortable for lying down, then loose back cushions are just the perfect options for them. High-density foam is one of the most common things used in every large comfortable sofa to enhance comfort and durability.
How can I make my deep sofa more comfortable?
You can make your large comfortable sofa super comfortable by paying attention to the seat cushions. Things like cushion fill and seat depth work together for creating a different level of softness and support. But not everyone prefers the same cushions, so here are a few details of choosing the right cushions to make your deep sofa more comfortable. 1. Go for a single-seat cushion if you want to update the sofa in a more conventional frame. 2. Choose sofas with two seat cushions if you want to create a roomy spot for two people. 3. Three seat cushions are ideal for offering individual spots to three people for sitting.
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