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Ascot Dining Table

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1200 dia x 750mmh


The Most Elegant Round Timber Dining Tables


We understand that the kitchen is the heart and soul of our clients’ homes. Therefore, we focus on providing them the best dining tables in Australia made from premium-quality materials such as natural ash. We know how beautiful furniture can be, especially made from actual solid wood. One cannot compare it with much anything else. When our clients buy these tables from us, they can rest assured that they are getting the best dining tables in Australia. This is because of the high-quality material that we use to make them. As well as the expert precision and care that has been taken in designing and creating them.

Classic wooden dining tables


Our round timber dining tableis as classical a piece as one can get. So, when our clients buy these tables from us, they can easily improve the settings in which they dine. It works with many a different interior style. Since we make these tables from the best wood, they boast of a refined elegance that goes beyond the boundaries of time. They offer our clients excellent benefits in terms of style and practicality. Therefore, they can be sure that one of our tables would be the perfect centrepiece for their dining room.

Beautiful dining tables


Our round timber dining tables are perhaps the most beautiful of their kind. It is the perfect instrument for people to gather around and craft some unforgettable memories. We have a range of products second to none. This is especially true when one considers the grand element of style. All our products have the high quality and fine miniscule attention that our clients know us for. This includes critical factors such as size, timber strain, and size. We are sure that at our store clients would find something that would suit them well.

The best dining tables online


We offer the best round timber dining tables online. It doesn’t take much time for comparison to see that there is no doubt about that. We derive our design principles from various sources. We offer our clients a range of options that they would love and can hold onto for years to come. Along with functionality and simplicity, we also focus on making sure that our products exude warmth and are durable for long term use. This means they perfectly accompany other furniture they have in the room. On display in our Sydney showroom, the Ascot Round Dining table boasts design that makes a statement. This modern designed dining table has clean lines and a streamlined style with a wood finish which adds a warm and welcoming touch to the product. This sturdy piece offers enough tabletop room to fit the whole family.

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