Dramatic Multiples

Two interiors designers that do this often are two of our favorites Kelly Hoppen and Steve Cordony, be it the same vase and flower down the center of a dining table as a multiple, or a series of artworks that are very similar spreading across and entire wall (like the living room image inside Contents with the Origami artworks above the Cypress sofa here), it adds a dramatic appeal to a room compared to a simple piece in its place.

Doing this you can also get away with using more simple pieces as the repetition is what makes it feel more special. As an example if you were to put a single orchid stem in a thin clear glass vase in the middle of a long dining table, it would look nice as orchids always do, but if you lined nearly the length of the table with 5 or 6 of them all exactly the same it would bring a whole life to the simple feature.

 This can obviously be over done very quickly so sticking to one 'hero' multiple as the feature will be enough for a room. In the store we can help put designs like this together with our resident interior designer or experienced staff in furniture, homewares, and custom designs.

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