Minimal Living

In recent times the minimalistic living look has become popular but has also grown and evolved. In the past 'minimalistic' really meant exactly that, as little as possible in the space making it very cold emotionally and not overly inviting.

This setting pictured is a good way of getting both worlds, the uncluttered space with functional, usable pieces of furniture work well together all in neutral tones. I like the low coffee table sitting off center with the rug in an 'A-symmetrical' way. Again the rug with texture has softened the feel of the harsh lines of the room. It is amazing how even a little greenery in the way of pot plants, flowers in a vase or full plants gives a room warmth, even when green isn't part of the colour pallet, it can stop a stark room looking like the inside of a space ship and more like people actually live there. This setting is a good example of how grey tones also can mix with warm timbers and browns as it is often thought to be a big colour faux pas.  I'm not usually a fan of sofas with click-clack mechanisms as there is just more to go wrong and feel there is never really an actual comfortable setting, but this sofa works well with the nice Italian style in white leather. For any questions or advice on your home, please contact the Sydney furniture showrooms and home visits are also available.

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