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The Importance of Art

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Blog

The finishing of a home with a personal touch. Art on your walls will give you the extra depth a room needs but getting the correct piece that works and represents you is a different story.

Art can be anything from a photography to a well styled sculpture on a wall.

A room without art is like a display showroom for furniture, having art on your walls finishes a room and makes it more homely and personal. Art is very personal and everyone knows what they don’t like but finding something that works, represents you, and you love can be difficult. It’s a great way to add colour into a neutral room to link through with scatter cushions and small accessories, or fill a large wall with something simple and contemporary making the space feel used without cluttering it.

At Contents we bring in a lot of ready framed art from the USA hand painted contemporary pieces, black and white photography, and mixed media on canvas as well as utilizing local suppliers that frame here in Australia with large data bases to select from.

Sometimes it’s easier to start with the colour you want to accent so you narrow down the field, then pick a genre: Photography, Abstract, Figurative, or a subject you have an interest in eg, a capital city like Paris. The field is narrowing further for that perfect piece then you can start your journey online, try Pinterest and places like this using your chosen likes. This again will only narrow everything down but give you a goof idea what you’re looking for.

Don’t be afraid to go big with art, there’s nothing worse than small pieces on a large vacant wall making them look smaller, and commit to it with the room. Pick up colours ans tones in the piece with its surroundings, don’t let it be the lone wolf in the room.

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