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Using colours and accessories to create the themed look you want

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Blog

Matchy matchy is gone, unless you’re Greg Natale or Jonathan Adler who do it well in a tasteful way.

Keeping the big pieces, lounges, dining chairs and tables in neutral tones this gives you a great blank canvas to subtly add colours through cushions art work, and coffee table accessories.

The image on the right with the palm prints has the TODD modular sofa, a contemporary design with lovely soft feather fiber filled cushions is a great base to start with and accented with textured, patterned cushions. These colours are carried through the theme with the green palms in the artwork, bottles on the side tables and shells on the coffee table. Everything else is very neutral and natural toned. Fiddle leaf fig trees either side of the sofa add to the theme however foliage is good in any colour theme and brings life to a setting but that’s another story all together.

Doing this with small pieces allows you to change the theme easily and inexpensively compared to changing a entire sofa, colour trends change and date but natural products like timber, rattan, and foliage won’t. The colours don’t have to be an exact match for example the small bottles are different to the large bottles which is different to the cushions and artworks in colour but they are similar tone so it all blends and looks more thought out rather than buying one of everything from the same store to make it match exactly.

Our store is merchandised with this simple rule and is an ever changing as we move things around, a setting may stay the same furniture wise but the theme is changed and looks entirely different.

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